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Fourth Doors relational approach to architecture, sustainability and the built environment and the wider culture, opens a different door onto the whole field of architecture and the built environment

Encompassing in-depth themed sections in Fourth Door Review, pan-European features and reporting in Unstructured, and research, resource and archive material in Annular and Further

Ground Up Architecture

humanitarian architecture

"Fourth Door Review’s new ‘humanitarian architecture' edition is an impressive example of its in-depth, slow magazine approach, examining the whole subject in thorough detail yet doing so with warmth, empathy and engaged involvement." Anna Heringer

An in-depth 80 plus page overview of the emerging humanitarian architecture and post disaster community Francis Kere, Architecture for Humanity, Anna Heringer, TYIN, Peter Clegg on the Richard Feilden Foundation, Auroville's new schools, Shelter after Disaster, the Aga Khan Foundation, CENDEP and much else as well.

Fourth Door Review 9 and Unstructured

Design for emergenciesFDR9 Shigeru Ban – Renegade starchitect – an in-depth Fourth Door Review feature interview

Design for emergencies – Ban and the 2011 Japanese tsunami
Unstructured 7

Assemble’s maker space production line rolls on

Unstructured extra

Gone to Earth - Martin Rauch's wave of Swiss earth works The man who builds with earth

Ricola - Herzog & de Meuron build Europe’s largest earth building yet

Swiss Ornithological Society visitor centre

Ground Up Architecture features

Ground Up Need -  Introduction - Architecture through the wall

Francis Kéré - Burden of Dreams
Aga Khan Foundation - the Foundation supporting humanitarian architecture
Walls and bridges -  Architecture's new wave from the ground up

Shelter After Disaster - What is needed, what isn't by Bill Flinn and Charles Parrack
CENDEP - Post grad studies emergency studies by David Sanderson
Swahili women's centre
Birth of a Swahili women's centre -  Jenni Reuter on HollmenReuter-Sandmann's long gestated project

Auroville's post-tsunami health centres by Suhasini Ayers
FCB's humanitarian work
Environmental Exchanges - Peter Clegg on Richard Feilden and FCB's humanitarian work
Sustaining Beauty by Anna Heringer

Anna Heringer's Journey to the East
Handmade school
Handmade school 2.0 - ZWS Berlin in Bangladesh
Architecture for Humanity -  Optimists of the Heart

Design Like You Give a Damn 2 - AfH's second volume reviewed
TYIN Tegnestue
TYIN Tegnestue -  by Andreas Gjertsen

Cassia Co-Op project
Cinnamon Girl - Rozita Rahman's intern adventure on TYIN Cassia Co-Op project
WRKSHP in Northern India – Clem Blakemore
Architecture - East/West section

Making buildings making books Takero Shimazaki on his Craft in Context summer schools

Ruthin Craft Centre
Japan-ness in Wales - Ruthin Craft Centre's Sustaining Design exhibition by Michael Nixon
Shigeru Ban
Shigeru Ban - Renegade Starchitect
Unfinished Revolution

New Timber architecture from Finland's forest culture, including the Sajos Sami cultural centre, Haltia nature centre and Kuokkala, the Nordic world’s first attempt at a full scale gridshell

Oulu’s new northern architectural scene, Finland’s leading edge Design & Make Wood Program, and Helsinki’s ‘Newly Drawn’ generation

Passivhaus comes to Britain -

Architype. Bere Architects and the AECB's long march to Passivhaus

Peter Zumthor at the Serpentine, the Stuttgart 21 rail station controversy and Adaptable Futures research from Denmark's Vand Kunsten

Rewilding the Structural, Reweaving the Sculputural -

The Sussex Gridshells ten years on and their overlap with regional land art and art basketry culture

The Downland Gridshell ten years on, performing the downland, the natural structures of Red Earth, Walter Bailey and Chris Drury and Anne Marie 'O Sullivan's Cluster art basket project

Earlier Unstructured web-magazine features are found within the FDR article archive below
Tale of two regions - Graubünden and Vorarlberg's Alpine regionalism

Graubünden's new generation
Graubünden's new generation Corinna Menn, IseppiKurath and Collective ARGE Sursass

Concrete, colour and craft - – the case of Valerio Olgiati
Alpine regionalism
A river runs regionally - Graubünden and Vorarlberg's Alpine regionalism explored
Marte.Marte at the head of Vorarlberg's new generation by Otto Kapfinger

Kaufmann Country
Kaufmann Country - Vorarlberg's timber dynasty
New generation housing
New generation housing - Christoph Kalb Frohlingstrasse by Robert Fabach
Passivhaus's active Vorarlberg origins
Vorarlberg & Graubünden in Unstructured

Serpentine with Peter Zumthor
Zumthor at the Serpentine - At the Serpentine with Peter Zumthor

Unstructured 5
Vorarlberg's new architectural generation
What Vorarlberg did next - Vorarlberg's new architectural generation

Unstructured 4
Gantenbein Winery
Gantenbein Winery - Gramazio & Kohler mixes viniculture and robotics

Unstructured 4
Further architecture features

Wood Studio
Wood Studio - Helsinki's Cool Wood School              

Architecture, celebrity and the media
D.O.C Maxed out on the minimum thing – Architecture, celebrity and the media by Jay Merrick
D.O.C. Juhani Pallasmaa interview – the dream life of tactility
Design With Carea special themed in depth feature on healthcare and hospital design and sustainability

– Frank Gehry interview on Maggies and wood

A Design with Care piece
Softening the Blow Healthcare Design, Maggies and sustainability

A Design with Care piece
Maggies Centres – a networks beginnings by Charles Jencks

A Design with Care piece
Matter Matters Fionn Stevenson on the sustainability and healthcare design
A Design with Care piece
Prognosis for a newbuild NHS by Susan Francis

A Design with Care piece
The Tenderness of Wood - Page & Park's Maggies Inverness

A Design with Care piece
Further architecture features

Julius Natterer - Europe's visionary timber engineer

Timber Construction Manual book review by Steve Johnson
Smart by Design – Holland's Smart Architecture Foundation by Jacques Vink
Timber Space Frame – FCB's Earth Centre's canopy
A European Timberbuild Renaissance – the Nordic world as exemplar for a future timber architecture
African beehive architecture – Swaziland's traditional beehive structures
I-tectureChris Speed on Plymouth University's Cybrid
Ritoque – A South American experimental architecture school
The Beehive Metaphor – Beehive structures in architecture past and present
Gridshelter – the Weald & Downland gridshell by Nic Pople
Adrian Beukkers and lightness in design and engineering
Article also available in Unstructured 1
Amsterdam's Doors of Perception conferences with John Thackera
Ambient, technolace and hologram interior architecture & design

Helena Hietanen’s fibre-optic technolace: Angel hairs in the ambient   
Brian Eno  Ambient lightworks
Sculpting the luminous- the radical holography of Dieter Jung
Chris Drury’s empty vessels - Land art on the Sussex downs

Complete article available

A Fourth Door land art feature
Ecological-music studios - A young person's guide
Article also available in Unstructured 1
Forest House - Steve Johnson's organised tree house dream
Sound Gallery – the Copenhagen Square wired for sound-sculpting
Photo credits: 1) Jongoh Kim, 2) Kere - Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk, 3) Kurt Hoerbst, 4) Laura Egger, 5) Beat Buhler, 6) Erieta Attali, 7) Rumah Asuh & Yori Antar, 8) Case Architecture, 9) AfH