Dream Of Consciousness (DOC) – Consciousness/Radical Mind

Dream of Consciousness or DOC for short, highlights issues related to consciousness, body and mind, and the wider psychological fields. DOC features are also situated in and often related to FDR's various discussions of embodiment, technologies and green cultural perspectives.
Juhani Pallasmaa interview – the dream life of tactility
Architecture, celebrity and the media
Maxed out on the minimum thing – Architecture, celebrity and the media by Jay Merrick
Jay Griffiths writing on time and the river
Marion Partington – on her odyssey of compassion and restorative justice in extremis
Art, consciousness and the deep past The Mind in the Cave by David Williams – reviewed by Julian Bell
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Langdon Winner interview - On autonomous technology, old and new
Reread – On blindness and whole body seeing - Touching the Rock, by John Hull
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Fritjof Capra part 2 Continuing the conversation interview with Sarah Boas
Reread – Re-evaluating Morris Berman's cultural evolution trilogy - Wandering God, Coming to Our Senses and The Re-Enchantment of the World   
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Red Earth - Interfacing Spirit World's - Avant-Eco art performance
Ghosts in the Brain of the Machine - The Consciousness Reframed Conferences
Beyond Ecotopia, a conversation with Fritjof Capra, part 1 by Sara Boas
The I Ching in Cyberspace! - The Multimedia I Ching - review by Malcolm Learmonth  
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Placing the hand at the heart of our evolutionary make-up - The Hand by Frank Wilson and Abstracting Craft: the digital practiced hand by Malcolm McCullogh
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On the anthropology of time - Carol J Greenhouse's A Moments Notice: On the Anthropology of Time

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Reread - In the Shade of the Speaking Tree the leading Indianologist Richard Lannoy, reassesses his 1973 The Speaking Tree.
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20th century Art as a Shamans story - Dreaming With Open Eyes by Michael Tucker
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