Makeshift & Middleground

Makeshift – Craft Work Design & Make

Makeshift casts the net wide, encompassing design, making and craft. The breadth of the net includes the social and fabricating, the disappearing world of crafts tradition and the future of virtual and embodied maker experience.

Middleground – Features on all sorts of interesting subjects in the middle of the magazine.

Middleground are short, sharp (and sometimes longer) mini features from the middle of the magazine

East/West - Japanese architecture, craft & design – A mini-themed section.

Making buildings making books Takero Shimazaki on his Craft in Context summer schools

An East West feature
The Fine art of Japanese Fibre Art by Tochimichi Kuwayama

An East West feature
Ruthin Craft Centre
Japan-ness in Wales - Ruthin Craft Centre's Sustaining Design exhibition by Michael Nixon
An East West feature
Electronic and ancient living Cambodian mixed-media musics- by David Gunn

Ross Lovegrove's Solar Trees
Another Kate Dodd
Lovely recipe

Wood Studio
Wood Studio - Helsinki's Cool Wood School by Pekka Heikkinen             

A Blue to Dye for - Indigo clothing and textiles exhibition
Steppe – A magazine dedicated to the near-east Stan countries
0's and 1's - Matt Lumby's Binary Books
Kate Dodd's lovely recipe - Carrot Soup with North African spices

Bernhard Wulff on the Mongolian steppe Roaring Hooves Festival

Jay Griffiths writing on time and the river

Darwin on the Beach – George Dyson's space-age baidarka boats
Skinboat School for Baidarka boat building
Through the SurfaceLesley Miller on her most ambitious cross-cultural fibre-art showcase
Machiko Agano the Japanese fibre-artist featured in the Transition and Influence exhibitions
Anniken Amundsen the Norwegian textile artist highlighted in Through the Surface
The sWordsmanship CD Rom calligraphy of Denis Brown explored

Toward an Ecology of Clothing by Kate Fletcher
It's no Yoke – Yoke Magazine
Manna from Heaven café's Honey and Olive oil cake recipe
Freeze FRIA Ursula Tischner's refridgerators with a difference
Gardening by Ages – the Museum of Garden History

Hybrid Haystack MIT Media Lab and Haystack Centre for craft crossover symposium conversation by Chris Rose
Love Tokens Harold Lowenstein on an almost lost crafts-skill
Sonic Furniture of Kaffe Matthews

Orange Cake Bake recipe from Heidi Watts
Sense of Scale - Adam Niemann's Scale Explorer
Related in Unstructured 3

Soundtrack: Jony Easterby's sound installation in Ashbourne cycle path tunnel, Derbyshire.
A Sound Design piece

Khadi papers founder Nigel Macfarlane on the Sussex/Rajasthan Gandhian paper
The Space of TexturesLesley Millar on the cross-cultural exhibition Textural Space, exploring Japanese and British fibre-art
Impossible furniture - Fred Baier in conversation with Chris Rose
A Kitchen Ritual Miche Fabre Lewin Lovely recipe's part IV

Adriaan Beukers the promise of Lightness in design
John Thackera and the Doors of Perception design conferences

Of Programmatalogy John Cayley's algorithmic haiku – interviewed by John Welch
Anne Karin Rynander's Oslo Airport Sound-Showers

A Fourth Door Sound Design feature

Clay and Computers, Katie Bunnell's Re: Presenting Making CD Rom
Making traditional Portuguese toys by Simon Watts

Complete article available
Lovely recipe's Curry Pancake

Complete article available
Polite gardening Permaculture hints by Patrick Whitefield

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Siberian cultures of clothing Spirit of Siberia by Rick Riewe and Jill Oakes
Placing the hand at the heart of our evolutionary make-up - The Hand by Frank Wilson and Abstracting Craft: the digital practiced hand by Malcolm McCullogh
Future Sound of London – Between Silence and the Sound of the Hyperglade   
Helena Hietanen's fibre-optic technolace: Angel hairs in the ambient   
Brian Eno  Ambient lightworks
Sculpting the luminous - the radical holography of Dieter Jung

Growing Need wild vegetables Patrick Whitefield
Marimba Making by Knock On Wood's Andy Wilson
Art Kites  Pictures for the Sky

Complete article available

Leaving the 20th century health food store Infinity Foods

Sound Gallery the Copenhagen Square wired for sound-sculpting
Ethnic and world clothing World Dress by Frances Kennett.

Marion Brandis Clay and Ceramics
Lovely recipe's Mushroom and nut roast

The Weald & Downland's vernacular data base Singleton Open Air Museum