New media, social media, digital media, post-biological media

Digitalis highlights the terrain where electronic media crossovers with other Fourth Door Review themes; sustainability and the natural world, craft, making and skill, the embodied and the virtual, and the web’s remaking of place, non-place, centre, far from-centre, edge and periphery
Susan Collins In Conversation with 'Sean Cubitt: Fenlandia and other pixel landscapes
Gantenbein Winery Gramazio & Kohler mixes viniculture and robotics

Also on Unstructured 4
Split Scan Scenario's Egbert Mittelstadt's dream-like digital ambient films
theirwork Dominica Williamson and Emmett Connelly writing on their community digital mapping turned guerrilla action
Also on Unstructured 4
George Dyson Chronicler of the evolution of electronic intelligence
The sWordsmanship CD Rom calligraphy of Denis Brown explored
Modelling Maggies Frank Gehry's CATIER modelling at Maggie's Dundee by Mark 0'Connor
George Dyson writing on electronic evolution
Radiobiology, the evolution of radio by Duncan Marshall
Art Station
Paperweight Lighthouses: Craft, computers and cybernetic systems art
Hybrid Haystack MIT Media Lab and Haystack Centre for craft crossover symposium conversation by Chris Rose
Pierre Levy Cyber anthropologist in dialogue with Paul Ryan
Natalie Jerimijenko One Tree Planet: An electronic biological Climate Change sensor experiment
Of Programmatalogy John Cayley's algorithmic haiku – interviewed by John Welch
Anne Karin Rynander's Oslo Airport Sound-Showers

A Fourth Door Sound Design feature
Future Sound of London Between Silence and the Sound of the Hyperglade   
Clay and Computers, Katie Bunnell's Re: Presenting Making CD Rom
Ghosts in the Brain of the Machine - The Consciousness Reframed Conferences
The I Ching in Cyberspace! The Multimedia I Ching - review by Malcolm Learmonth  
From Silver to Silicon Declan Sheehan on a CD Rom on the transition to digital photography
William Latham Generative Art, form & mutability Latham's algorithmic worlds
Green on the Screen Recycled Places CD Rom for green learning
Sound Gallery the Copenhagen Square wired for sound-sculpting