East West

As the planet gets smaller so the world of East, West, South and North contracts and hybridises. Fourth Door Review has featured the near, far, South, North and East of Asia, since its early editions.

East/West features focus on traditional culture of the East, Eastern cultures hybridising with the West Western cultures crossing over with the East and many points between.
East/West - Japanese architecture, craft & design – A mini-themed section.

Making buildings making books Takero Shimazaki on his Craft in Context summer schools

The Fine art of Japanese Fibre Art by Tochimichi Kuwayama
Ruthin Craft Centre
Japan-ness in Wales - Ruthin Craft Centre's Sustaining Design exhibition by Michael Nixon
Shigeru Ban
Shigeru Ban - Renegade Starchitect
East/West - Makeshift

Electronic and ancient living Cambodian mixed-media musics- by David Gunn
East/West - Ground Up Architecture

Auroville's post-tsunami health centres by Suhasini Ayers
WRKSHP in Northern India – Clem Blakemore

Sustaining Beauty by Anna Heringer

Anna Heringer's Journey to the East
Handmade school
Handmade school 2.0 - ZWS Berlin in Bangladesh
Thailand & Sumatra

TYIN Tegnestue
TYIN Tegnestue -  by Andreas Gjertsen

Cassia Co-Op project
Cinnamon Girl - Rozita Rahman's intern adventure on TYIN Cassia Co-Op project
Bernhard Wulff on the Mongolian steppe Roaring Hooves Festival

A Blue to Dye for - Indigo clothing and textiles exhibition
Steppe – A magazine dedicated to the near-east Stan countries
Through the SurfaceLesley Miller on her most ambitious cross-cultural fibre-art showcase
Machiko Aganothe Japanese fibre-artist featured in the Transition and Influence exhibitions
Anniken Amundsen the Norwegian textile artist highlighted in Through the Surface
Indian Ocean of Sound – Drones, Gamelan and Raga's - A special music feature

Sheila Chandra – Song of a Million years
Jon Hassell's Fourth World Raga
Khadi papers – founder Nigel Macfarlane on the Sussex/Rajasthan Gandhian paper
The Space of TexturesLesley Millar on the cross-cultural exhibition Textural Space, exploring Japanese and British fibre-art
Tuvan river punk - Yat-Kha
Red Earth - Interfacing Spirit World's - Avant-Eco art performance
Siberian cultures of clothing - Spirit of Siberia by Rick Riewe and Jill Oakes
The I Ching in Cyberspace! The Multimedia I Ching - review by Malcolm Learmonth  
Art Kites  Pictures for the Sky

Complete article available
Reread - In the Shade of the Speaking Tree the leading Indianologist Richard Lannoy, reassesses his 1973 The Speaking Tree.