Outscapes - Fourth Door's art terrains

Fourth Door Review and Unstructured's art related focus makes multiple connections between art, the environment, sustainability, nature and culture and other broader themes

Spanning land art, new media, social sculpture and avant- ecological performance, Fourth Door is one of the few spaces you can find such a fertile compost all within a single art basket

Further – Fourth Door’s art terrains expanded and explored (coming soon)
David NashAlchemist of the woods

A Fourth Door land art feature
Sandra Kantanen - Finnish photographer, Chinese landscapes, and the blur tendency
Murmur - Complexity  the art of flocking: Eberhard Ross, Lukas Felzmann, Fiona McDonald
Tremenheere: Cornwall's Atlantic Edge Garden – by Neil Armstrong
The Fine art of Japanese Fibre Art by Tochimichi Kuwayama

Fourth Door’s art terrain back pages

Over its eight occasional editions Fourth Door Review has highlighted many art related features

Here’s a run-through of art related features, edition by edition (with older Unstructured pieces as well)
Chris Drury Complexity and the edge of land art: Drury's art & science turn

A Fourth Door land art feature
Jem Finer An orchestra of the elements Score', 'Longplayer' and other digital-earth time pieces
Susan Collins In Conversation with 'Sean Cubitt: Fenlandia and other pixel landscapes
Walter Bailey Natural Form, Human Endeavour By Kay Syrad

A Fourth Door land art feature
Red Earth’s CHALK ritual By Rand Harmann

A Fourth Door land art feature
Red Earth’s wild structures of the land by Red Earth’s Caitlin Easterby & Simon Pascoe  

A Fourth Door land art feature
Andy Goldsworthy Part 2 Beauty and the brand               

A Fourth Door land art feature
Rivers & Tides – Thomas Riedelsheimer: On making the Andy Goldsworthy documentary

A Fourth Door land art feature
Dalziel + Scullion Meltwater Channel: the juxtapositional art of Scotland’s multi-medium practice
Through the SurfaceLesley Miller on her most ambitious cross-cultural fibre-art showcase
Machiko Aganothe Japanese fibre-artist featured in the Transition and Influence exhibitions
Anniken Amundsen the Norwegian textile artist highlighted in Through the Surface
Whatever happened to land art? Land art in the twenty first century - David Nash, Chris Drury, Red Earth

A Fourth Door land art feature
Andy Goldsworthy  Part 1 - Downloading a path by the light of a silver moon: Goldsworthy’s new and multimedia experiments

A Fourth Door land art feature
Art Station
Paperweight Lighthouses: Craft, computers and cybernetic systems art
Russell Mills Layers of Texture, layers of space
Natalie Jerimijenko One Tree Planet: An electronic biological Climate Change sensor experiment
Artscape Nordland  Another Side of North The Nordic high north’s 40, 000 white square km sculpture trail
Earth Art, Consciousness and the Thing itself: Consciousness, art and environment
by Tracy Warr
The Space of TexturesLesley Millar on the cross-cultural exhibition Textural Space, exploring Japanese and British fibre-art
Helena Hietanen’s fibre-optic technolace: Angel hairs in the ambient   
Brian Eno  Ambient lightworks
Sculpting the luminous- the radical holography of Dieter Jung
Susan Derges - The Dream-Life Of Water
Red Earth - Interfacing Spirit World’s - Avant-Eco art performance
Chris Drury's empty vessels - Land art on the Sussex downs

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A Fourth Door land art feature
William Latham - Generative Art, form & mutability Latham’s algorithmic worlds
Art Kites  Pictures for the Sky

Complete article available
Dreaming with Open Eyes: Michael Tucker’s influential book on art and shamanism reviewed

Photo credits: 1) David Nash, 2) Lukas Felzmann, 3) Sandra Kantanen, 4) The Morison's, 5) Akio Hamatani, 6) Neil Armstrong