Words on the long wait - FDR9's seven-year hitch

There's magazines, there's slow magazines and magazining, and there's extreme slow magazining. And there's Fourth Door Review.

As experienced practitioners of the Blue Moon Theory of Publishing we've always been a mite on the slow side. This time around though, has even pushed such blue moon theory way beyond its generally accepted limits. We've missed several of those moons in our time away so it's beyond reasonable to assume that our seven-year absence has spread the meme that Fourth Door Review was gone for good.

This isn't the case, though, and by finally posting these word's, signifies we're actually really going to the printing presses and getting the edition published and out there. Those who've been attending will have noticed the website gradually re-morphing around the new edition. And now, this is the latest stage - all systems are Go.

If this looks very much like the FDR re-launch, yes maybe. But given the time span's involved can re-launches really happen over a many month period? For FDR this is a more organic return to active service, inching step by step until review, website and many other constituent elements are in place and ready for the new edition. And if this comes within the parameters of a re-launch, or a reset, so be it.

For those who are new to FDR's ways this may well seem way off the scale of how magazine's usually go about publishing. We also realise, of course, that for a few - particularly libraries and other institutions - FDR's extreme occasional nature, its lack of regularity, hasn't been helpful. If there are those who require further explanation do please do make contact and we'll do what we can to belatedly calm any frustration or irritation.

For others, old hands and newcomers, only to say getting FDR9 done was the most challenging of all the editions so far, one we're sincerely hoping not to repeat.

Meantime, when and as you get to see the new FDR, our sincere hope is that you conclude the long wait been worthwhile. Spread the word and thank you for your patience.