Robots in
the Wineyard:
Gramazio & Kohler's Gantenbein winery
Published with Fourth Door Review no 8

Unstructured 4 features Gramazio & Kohler's digital materiality and theirwork's guerilla new media mapmaking pieces (also in FDR8), while What Vorarlberg did next, highlights the current Vorarlberg architectural generation.

21st century Land Art expands on the Chris Drury feature; a complementary overview piece on the eco-art tendency extending the land art path, and other ways of working on and in the land and the natural world.

Red Earth, avant eco-performance and installation artists Geograph and Trace, work at Sussex's seven sisters cliffs.

theirwork – community mapmaking turns guerilla activity.

What Vorarlberg did next? New generation in Austria's architectural state comes of age.
Automatic for the walls
Gramzio and Kohler's digital materiality finds a home in the Gantenbein winery
Twenty First Century Land Art Chris Drury, David Nash, and Red Earth mark paths for where environmental art is heading
Land, sea and sky: Red Earth's Seven Sisters ritual performance
theirwork: community mapmaking turns guerrilla activity