From Blackhorse Lane to the Granby Workshop
Assemble's maker space
production line rolls on

Unstructured 7 is a fulsome basket of new features and new themes. Alongside a special Unstructured Extra edition dedicated to Austrian rammed earth master Martin Rauch there are in-depth features on Assemble, Heather & Ivan Morison, and a powerful photo-essay on change in the fastest growing Chinese city you’ve never heard of, Chongqing.

There’s also a thought provoking review of The Oil Road by Thomas Gotz, and we’re pleased to highlight Bill Gething’s Adaptation for Climate Change research work.
The Morisons  - All the fun of the Apocalypse
Assemble's maker space production line

The Oil Road - reviewed by Thomas Gotz

River City return - Photo-Essay reportage by Thomas Dodd
Design for Climate Change - Bill Gething's climate adaptation research